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Vintage Boston A70's...what NEW speakers compare/surpass?Six Cats!
Aug 14, 2001 3:46 AM
Hi all,

I have a pair of Vintage Boston Acoustic A70's that I am about to install new (factory original) Woofers. This is a two-way system (large bookshelves) with 8 inch Woofers and 1 inch dome tweeters. I bought the A70's at a yard sale last year for $20.00 the pair. The cost of new Woofers will be $100.00 the pair. I will have a nice pair of speakers for a total investment of $120.00 Is there any other speakers that could compare,compete,surpass,etc. these nice sounding "Bostons"(that are more than capable than playing LOUDER than I care to listen) at this price point or even TWICE the price? Your thoughts. Thanks,

Six Cats!
re: Vintage Boston A70's...what NEW speakers compare/surpass?Woochifer
Aug 14, 2001 10:10 AM
I don't know if you'll find too many contemporary equivalents for the Boston A-series, which I absolutely love BTW. That series used an acoustic suspension design, which is a sealed enclosure that gives you a very clean and tight bass. The disadvantage of the design is that it lowers the efficiency of the speaker and the bass does not go as deep. Most bookshelf speakers nowadays (including the newer Bostons) go with a ported design, which extends the bass lower and increases the efficiency of the speaker. But, the bass generally has more of a boomy quality and the port can make the speaker more fussy in terms of placement.

At $120, I don't think you'll find anything out there right now that will sound as nice as an A70. Most newer bookshelfs will probably sound louder than the A70, but at that price (or even twice the price) few can match the neutral and balanced yet lively tone of those Bostons. And with that particular model, you'll get deeper bass than most of the sub-$200 bookshelfs, with a much cleaner sound. I'm totally jealous!

BTW, who did you buy the woofer from? I have an old pair of A40s, and one of them has a punched in dust cap and I'd like to replace the driver if possible.
Hello Woo re: Vintage Boston A70's...Six Cats!
Aug 15, 2001 1:50 PM
Hi Woo,

Thanks for all the info on the Boston A70's. I got to agree with you that I would be hard pressed to find a speaker that can compete with it (until you get into the above $300.00 price point,and them some). I haven't yet ordered the Woofers but I will soon. I did a search for Boston Acoustics and it came right up. I called Boston Acoustics by phone and the original Woofers were in stock! Call them at 978-538-5136. I remember the A40's and they are a very nice little speaker! Good luck finding the parts you need and thanks again for the info on the A70's. Six Cats!
re: Vintage Boston A70's...what NEW speakers compare/surpass?paulbl
Aug 14, 2001 11:12 AM
For what you spent, I'd stick with those, I doubt you could do better even at 250.

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