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ADS L570 purchased 1983emirikol
Dec 12, 2002 7:24 PM
Dear Forum:
I need some advice on a pair of a/d/s L570 speakers I have had 20 years. Recently one of the woofers blew. I located someone to re-cone both of the woofers for $300.00. The cabinets are in good shape with some minor scuffs here and there. I used the speakers for many years in a traditional stereo setting. Just last year I started to use them as the front speakers in a home theater setting. My question is: Is it worth re-coning the speakers or should I get something new. I am trying to keep it under $350.00,however, I want something decent. I was hoping for some feedback on this issue. Thank You.
re: ADS L570 purchased 1983tcontas
Dec 12, 2002 10:11 PM
$300 is a lot of $$$ to spend on those speakers. Check out Ebay; I frequently look up ads speakers and often they have drivers from different models for sale, or you can get a whole pair of speakers for quite a bit less than $300. The same woofer was used in many different models. You might get lucky and find a replacement one for $50 bucks or less, or you can bid on an intact pair of speakers. I sold a pair of L630s for about $180 a few months ago. I thik 570s usually go for $200 or less as well.
re: ADS L570 purchased 1983Jimmy C
Dec 13, 2002 5:16 AM
$300 sounds a bit excessive to me also. Does A/D/S still exist? Haven't heard anything about them lately. I do remember their line... sounded quite nice.

I also have a vintage pair of Snell Type Js with wasted woofs. Picked them up for $10. I am waiting until the company responds to my e-mail... maybe I'll buy new drivers for them if they don't cost too much. At the time, Snell used a Vifa unit. Who makes yours? Maybe a direct replacement is still possible.

Happy hunting.
Let me fill in some blanks here...jeskibuff
Dec 14, 2002 11:40 AM
Jeff (alias emirikol) contacted me regarding the Dayton BR-1s I currently have up for auction on eBay.

I recommended that he post here to get some other opinions regarding the best path for him to take. I, too, thought the L570s were too old to invest $300 in, and that it might be worthwhile going to a newer speaker with better technology and brand new components, rather than 20-year old drivers and crossovers. If I were him spending that $300, I think I'd go for something like the B&W 303s for the sound AND cabinetry. If trying to keep it under $200, I might take a chance on the Daytons. If I could find a good replacement woofer for the L570 at a decent price (under $50), I'd repair the one, no matter what. I could always sell them, make someone else happy with the purchase and upgrade to something better. Buying another L570 for parts may not be such a great idea if the parts are also 20 years old. Take a look at the deterioration on this speaker (supersize the middle picture): This probably did outside duty on a patio or something to get that bad.

Jeff...some questions for you that might help get some more feedback: what are the electronics you're using to drive your speakers? Do you have a center channel now, and if so, what brand/model? What percentage of listening do you do (movies vs. music)? What kind of music do you usually listen to? Jazz? Rock? Classical? What would be the price ceiling on this upgrade? Are cosmetics important? Would the vinyl plain-Jane finish of the Daytons be satisfactory, or would you regret not having a nicer wood finish? If the speakers are out of sight, it may not matter. Provide some more information and let's get more feedback. Jimmy recommended the BR-1s to begin with, so we already know what YOU'LL say.
More Informationemirikol
Dec 14, 2002 1:11 PM
Let me first describe my set up. I bought the speakers in 1983 and were hooked to a Harmon Kardon stereo reciever. The speakers went dormant for about 5 years or so and I just recently hooked them to a home theater set up. Its a mix match of speakers,I know thats not recomened, but its what was around. I have a Sony 675 pro-logic reciever, a RCA center channel, a Sony sub-woofer, and JBL bookshelf for the rear. So, after I hooked all this up it worked great for two months and them boom, woofer failure. So thats why I was looking for a replacement to the ads vs. repairing the woofer.
I began corrisponding with Jeff and he has been very helpful. So, today I went to the only B&W dealer in New Orleans and listened to two pairs. The 303'3 and the DM 602 S3. The 303 sold for $300 a pair and the 602 $600. I liked the 303 but i think they lacked drive. It was definatly not what I was used to. The 602's were much closer to waht i'm used to and am seriously considering them. However, $600.00 is more than I wnated to spend and still may not spend. Anything out there like the 602's but cheaper?
One more thing. The service tech I found to recone my speaker told me I would have to spend $2000.00 to get what i'm used to. Sales pirch? Anyway, Thank you for your education.
More Informationjeskibuff
Dec 15, 2002 7:05 AM
That service tech is way off base, I think. First off, $300 was too high to recone the L570s and there's some pretty nice speakers for $2K out there. As I told you, I owned two pairs of home ADS speakers many years ago (a 5 series and a 7 series L710?). I liked them a lot, but I don't think they were THAT great to compare them to $2K speakers available today.

It's good that you're going out and listening to speakers yourself. Your feelings on the B&W 303s are nicer in this post than they were in the email you sent me. Your sentiments on the 602s were stronger in the email - you referred to them as "excellent" there. You put a bid on a pair of 602s yesterday on eBay (and lost), but it was a reasonable bid...if you liked those speakers, there are more of them coming up and I'm sure you can get a pair for around $400, if not less.

If you weren't happy with the 303s, you may not be happy with the Dayton BR-1s. The BR-1s are NOT a cheap version or copy of the 303s, they just have been likened to them sonically by someone who has heard them both. They could be more like what you're looking for or they may not satisfy at all. Buying a speaker without hearing it is taking a chance. The Daytons just seem like a low-risk chance to take. It'd be different if they were $1000/pair.

As to your email question: "Is there a Dayton kit comparable to the 602s?". Well, as said before, I don't think Dayton designed the BR-1s to mimic the 303s. There are other kits that PartsExpress sells (see ), but they involve mixing and matching cabinets, drivers and crossovers. I have no expertise in those areas, so must rely on other people to make a proper blend of components. The BR-1 is a no-brainer in that respect, but it is CHEAP, so there are compromises. I don't think you can find kit "equivalents" of popular speakers. All speakers seem to come in endless varieties and flavors.

Another more expensive possibility is the AR kit designed by Ed Frias. I am not familiar with this, and went to looking for it. I found kits like Vifa and Audax, but none bearing the name of Ed Frias. I wasn't looking too hard. Who can point us in the right direction?

You mentioned hearing some floor-standing Yamahas you saw in Best Buy for $188. You thought they sounded pretty good for that price - nothing like the 602s, but good bang for the buck. Did you get a model number? From what I've HEARD about Yamaha speakers, I've heard nothing outstanding about them in the budget range, which means there are probably better options. Best Buy is a lousy environment for checking out speakers, but you could check out their return policy - maybe buy them, try them out at home and take them back if you aren't satisfied. Their return policy MAY not allow that or cost you an open box return fee, so beware.
Right under my nose...jeskibuff
Dec 15, 2002 8:36 AM
After looking in the DIY forum (which I have visited on rare occasions), I found the link to the Ed Frias DIY kit:

Well, DUHH...obviously I haven't thoroughly explored the site. This looks pretty interesting, Jeff. A little more difficulty in gathering all the components required, but some glowing reviews and very happy people, comparing them to B&W 805s.
I'm not sure how attached to the A/D/S you are...Jimmy C
Dec 14, 2002 7:59 PM
Spending a few bucks on a reconditioned speaker can be a viable solution.

Having said that, the Daytons are a great (best?) bargain. You could spend $100 or so on replacements (like what my newly acquired Snells need) or, do the DIY thing with awesome bang-for-the-buck.

The Dayton kit is more revealing and not as dark sounding as the A/D/S line. Different animals. I like each of them for different reasons ... both are voiced on the warm side.

My advice: Do both!

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