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Is new always better than old? Nad 3240PE Amp.Colin^
Nov 13, 2002 12:07 AM

I have an old NAD 3240PE, which I use with a NAD 541i and Wharfedale Pacific Pi40's speakers. I have been told, Buying a new Nad amp will make a HUGE difference in sound quality. Now my question is, Is my old amp That inferior to a new NAD amp. Would a NAD 370 blow away my amp? Ps. I do like the sound of my system, but I do like to have it LOUD at times and the NAD 3240pe (40 watts rms), sems to run out of Power to control the speakers at high levels.
re: Is new always better than old? Nad 3240PE Amp.RGA
Nov 13, 2002 3:35 PM
Is the person that said that a seller?

NO new is not better. Many new Tube amplifiers are based on 50+year old designs and many sound a LOT better than NEW amps...even expensive NEW amps like the NAD 370.

The 370 does have more power...I'm not familiar with the 3240pe but NAD's strongest suit has always been amps. Thus I doubt it's a bad amp.

The 370 will likely sound a fair bit different...better is based on preference. I have an Arcam Delta 290 from 1996-97 that has been replaced twice by the Alpha 10 and Diva A85. They too have more power but as to being better? In some ways they are but in some ways not.

Buying a new amp can make a HUGE difference...but so too could buying a new USED amp. for instance for the money you are thinking of spending on the NAD 370...I think you could put toward buying something USED a lOT better than the NAD 370. Arcam, Sugden, Roksan, YBA, Musical Fidelity, Copland etc. In fact you could get several models from Arcam, Sugden and Musical Fidelity for a LOT less $$$ than the 370 and do a LOT better IMO. Not that the 370 is's very good - but amps last decades upon decades and buying a 5 year old amp is pretty safe.

I recently bought a 1997 Sugden Integrated for $ retailed then for $2000.00. My $425 spent sure beats spending double that on the 370 which isn't as good. Especially when you add the fact that Sugden uses better materials, is all hand built, runs in class A has an excellent phono board etc.

I also own Wharfedale speakers from about 10 years ago. Upgrading is fine but make sure you make upgrades that are profound. I would set your heights on higher end companies than going used. I'm sure there are many that would be thrilled to own your power amp.

Archive Home >> Amplifier-Preamplifier(1 2 3 4 5 ) >> Is new always better than old? Nad 3240PE Amp.(2 posts)