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My review of the Realistic STA-2270.Matthew
May 30, 2001 6:14 PM
I received a suggestion from Buzz to put this story regarding my experiences with the Realistic STA-2270 in here.

I've always liked what good old Radio Shack had to offer in the early to late 80's. I looked forward to picking up each catalog. Sure I heard all the ridicule from people regarding that Radio Shack sold nothing but junk but that didn't keep me away. If it was junk at least it was junk that worked!

I've been using the Realistic STA-2270 receiver for almost two years and it's the best receiver I've ever owned. As a matter of fact, I managed to find another STA-2270 which replaced my fathers failing AKAI AA-A35 receiver. I have nothing against AKAI because I had a very nice pair of AKAI speakers but they were too big for my room. So in come the Mission 700s and the AKAI speakers went to my father.

Before I managed to find the STA-2270 for a very good price, I was using an old Lloyd's receiver for a number of years. This Lloyd's receiver is one of the higher-end models, not like the cheap ones we see today. I walk into a Goodwill store and there was the STA-2270 which was priced for $20 Cdn. and in good condition too. I believe these receivers sold for around $500 Cdn. back in 1983. When I got home, I opened up the STA-2270 and removed all the dust and the resident spider, replaced the Lloyd's with the STA-2270, turned it on and it worked perfectly. Aside from the blown power light, this receiver was built to last. I noticed a difference in sound quality favoring towards the STA-2270. The sound from the STA-2270 is very clean with very little distortion. Since I have my computer hooked up to it, I'm able to listen to my MP3s without disappointment. Listening to the unplugged version of the Eagles' Hotel California sounded as though I was actually at the concert. The receiver may not have surround sound capabilities but I have no need for that at the moment.

One interesting feature that comes with the STA-2270 is the Stereo Expander. This tries to virtually change the width of the sound from the speakers depending on where the listener is sitting and eliminate the sweet spot effect. On some recordings it works and others it doesn't but I don't use it very much. As with the other high-end receivers under the Realistic name, it features a midrange tone control. A feature that's usually seen on stuff from Marantz!

It's been about two years since I bought the receiver from Goodwill and it hasn't failed on me yet. As I mentioned before, I managed to pick up another STA-2270 to replace my father's failing AKAI AA-A35 receiver. When I hooked it up, I've never heard the AKAI speakers sound so good. I had the same feeling of virtually being at a live concert or a recording studio when listing to some CDs. That was with the loudness turned off and the volume turned up to 20. The volume goes from 0 to 100 in increments of 5. Turning on the loudness probably caused enough vibrations to be detected by a seismograph. The sound was a lot more musical than listing to those automotive kicker boxes. Between the AA-A35 and the STA-2270 I noticed a difference in sound quality. The STA-2270 has a lot of kick to it which could come in handy to drive a pair of power hungry speakers.

To sum it up, the STA-2270 is a very good receiver, not to mention that it's also physically big! Though it may not look like a piece of audiophile equipment, but it sure sounds like it. At only 75 watts per channel at 8 ohms, it's more than enough unless you have a very huge living room. I've been told that the STA-2270 was manufactured by either Pioneer or Sony under very strict measures which surpass the quality their own products. If you ever find an STA-2270 up for grabs, don't miss out on the opportunity to own a very fine piece of high quality audiophile equipment.
re: My review of the Realistic STA-2270.shef
May 31, 2001 9:48 AM
hey Mat it sounds as though you have got alot of enjoyment out of that 20 dollars that you spent..very cool would be interesting to know which company manufactured your receiver..i know that the Sony products from the seventies have been over looked, they are very high quality...keep enjoying the music!
re: My review of the Realistic STA-2270.Matthew
Jun 2, 2001 1:19 PM

I do get a lot of enjoyment from the receiver. I was only able to test and see if the receiver would power up while at Goodwill. Once I brought it home and hooked up my Mission 700s (the 1999 model) to it, I was amazed that everything worked. It wasn't 100% perfect but I was still satisfied. I'd say the receiver is 98% functional. The only downside is that the receiver doesn't fit in my stereo cabinet. And that's even with the wooden side panels removed. So it sits on top of the stereo cabinet and the turntable is sitting on top of the receiver. I hope to get a better stereo cabinet soon.

I was only ten years old when Radio Shack brought out this receiver. The top of the line models were selling within the range of $500 to $700 Cdn.. If I were to buy this receiver with the value today's money, it would be about the same price a Harman Kardon AVR7000.

I don't know about the Radio Shack stores in the U.S.A. or overseas but the ones here in Canada have completely phased out the Realistic brand name all together with the exception of raw/replacement speakers. Now everything is just under the Optimus name, no Minimus, no Nova, no Mach, and no MC. Radio Shack has also brought in stuff from Technics, JVC, Merak, Koss, and Acoustic Research. Radio Shack isn't what it used to be.


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