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Paging BeatleFred and OthersFishstink
Jun 10, 2001 8:36 PM
First of all I would like thank you Beatlefred for your response to me about the Infinity Qb speakers I just acquired. By the way Fred, these are near mint and have been stored and put away in their original boxes for the last 15 years or more. The Vintage Infinity site you recommended told me alot about the Qb treasure I was blessed to find. I never considered myself to be vintage collector. I'm just old and never get rid of anything. I would like to list some of my vintage items, most I know little about and perhaps yourself and or others could provide and enlighten me with your and their experience and knowledge about these items.

1. Toshiba SA-775 It is large and I know nothing about it. Someone told me its 175 watts per channel. All I know is that it sounds good. Anyone out there that can offer information about it?
2. Marantz 2238b I know this is a gem.
3. Technics SA-600 Its mint. I know nothing about the specs or anything.

1. Acoustic Research AR3a's I know what these are.
2. Dynaco A-25's I bought them new, late 60's I think
3. JBL J-350's Floorspeakers these are huge, two woofers in each. Mint
4. Boston Acoustic A-60's ???
5. ADC 404's Fantastic build quality (small 12"x8") Mint like never used. Anyone know about these???? Thes are not to be confused with ADS. they are ADC speakers.
6. Criterion VI These are a real mystery. They were made in Japan for the old Lafyette Electronics, now Radio Shack I think. These have six drivers in each speaker A 12" woofer, 4" mid and four tweeters(two cone and 2 dome. Just acquired these and haven't hooked them up yet. Hope someone can really help with info on these.
Any help on any of the above items will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
re: Paging BeatleFred and OthersPeteH
Jun 10, 2001 10:01 PM
The Technics SA-600 would be a little brother to the watt-wars watt winner, the SA-1000 (330x2). IIRC, it was 90 or 100 watts per channel. Good unit, though I didn't think the Technics, despite their decent specs, were quite up to the overall quality of the Pioneer, Kenwood, and cetainly not the Marantz (until sold to Superscope). Compared to today's consumer gear, it is a thing to be cherished, especially in mint condition! Far out!
I would have thought I would have heard of most 175 wpc receivers, but I am not familiar with your Toshiba.
I have heard ADC speakers, they were quite decent. I haven't heard about them for a while, since the early 90s.
Lafayette Radio Electronics. Yes, yes, yes. Once a giant in the field. A retailer, but sold their own branded gear. Didn't know they got swirled into RS, always thought they just faded away. Criterion speakers were usually pretty good quality for the price. Wouldn't at all be surprised if they weren't Pioneer or Sansui, one would have to take a look at 'em, even open 'em up and just take a look for manufacturer tags. If the cabinets look to be about 1 inch thick, I think you have a real winner.
Boston Acoustic has a reputation for good speakers. Consumers Report gives 'em high marks, FWIW. Well deserved when they began. Don't know about now, but the A-60 was one of the early series, so good on that score!
Having blindly bid on a Hitachi HA-57 amp (won at $6.50), and knowing nothing about it, I am VERY curious about that Toshiba! All the Japanese electronics companies took their shot at the US market, at a time I wasn't looking or shopping.
Hope some of the guys can help you!
Another old fart that likes his old stereo,
re: Paging BeatleFredBeatleFred
Jun 10, 2001 10:24 PM
Hi there Mr. Fish,
You have certainly distinguished yourself with an "interesting" moniker, I'd say. The items you mentioned all sound familiar, for now I can verify the Technics SA-600 and the Toshiba SA-775- they are both listed in a 1980 Stereo Buyers Guide I have - One of the most valuable possessions I must have, considering how many times Ive referred to it over the years. The Technics is rated 70 Watts rms and the Toshiba is actually 75 Watts per channel. In the brief comments for each review in this Buyers Guide, both of these models were considered to offer excellent performance. W/ the Toshiba, the review makes note of the fact that the lesser-used functions (tone-controls) on the receiver are hidden behind a little door- Yes? How quaint.

The other models might be in some other audio mags I have, I'd have to check some other time when time allows.

As for the Qb's: Must you make me drool? :) Mine are in excellent shape too. If you feel like you have too much or dont plan on keeping them and want to sell them- PLEASE let me know, I'd hate to see a nice pair of Qb's go to waste.
Gear reviewsPeteH
Jun 11, 2001 11:52 AM
Wishing *I* had saved all those buying guide issues ... this guy has put up the gear reviewed in his extensive personal holding of High Fidelity, Stereo Review, and Audio??

He has another page, too, with more reviews. Y'all could be nice and pay HIM for copies, or (unashamed plug for your local public library) make copies from the bound, backfiles in the Periodicals Dept. of your library!
He's got over 20, probably about 30 years worth of each mag.
Hope this helps someone! I have found several reviews on the stuff I have.
Gear reviewsBrian Levy
Jun 13, 2001 12:29 PM
Really good site. Having the review index is wonderful. I quickly looked and saw gear that I had totally forgotten existed. C/M Labs - Wonder what happened to them? Oh good grief, this may turn me into a vintage audiophile. My poor wife.

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